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sixth & seventh part – summary

I did both the 6th and the 7th part two times – though for different reasons.

The 6th stretch took me along the River Sihl to one famous roundabout that looks very American and then onward to Baar. The path along the River looks very nice from the train. It is quit different from the path: the noise of the cars is awful and for the biggest part it’s everything else than a romantic walk. But still, seeing it from this perspective was very interesting. The noise and the traffic were two reasons why I’ve decided to give the 6th leg another try – over the hill. That was very interesting because I was actually walking „over the railway“ (the train is in a tunnel there) and it was a totally new part of Switzerland for me.

When I did the 7th part for the first time it was a little foggy. When I got off the train in Baar I thought that the fog will be gone soon. But no, for the most part I walk in very dense fog and at the end I had no idea, how the landscape looked around me. So one morning when the weather was fog-less I wanted to that same walk again. This time I knew how it looked – but I have to say that being in the fog was somehow more interesting. Funny how things go.

Check out the photos of all the stretches in the German articles!

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fifth part – summary

This was a noisy stretch. Starting in Horgen the way was steep up the hill. I crossed the highway (underneath) and the noise of the cars followed me even into the forrest.
The little village on top was quiet with horses, a pony and to pig mommies with little ones.
As soon as I started descending into the Valley of the Sihl (Sihltal) the noise of the cars on the street down there were annoying me.
But lucky me: there were some birds enjoying the warm morning and were chirping in the sun.

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